Janey Godley trolls Line of Duty Martin Compston character DS Arnott

Comedian Janey Godley wrote a hilarious version of Line of Duty – taking the mickey out of Martin Compston’s character DS Steve Arnott.

Using a promo clip for the show Janey does one of her now famous voiceovers – in the same way she voices Nicola Sturgeon’s coronavirus updates.

Pretending she is DS Steve Arnott she says: “Cannae believe I’m still here after eight year. Every single time we let a new person in turns out they’re the bent copper.”

After Steve says : “Just want a sandwich – am starving,’ his colleague DC Chloe Bishop played by Shalom Brune- Frankli asks him: “You going to the shops?

“Gonna get me a steak bake and can of Irn Bru? Any chance you can go for it.”

After Steve protests: “Why the f*** do I always have to go to the shop?, Chloe adds: “You know where Greggs is? I would also like a Yum Yum.

“I like a wee Yum Yum or maybe a donut. If they’ve got an apple turnover I’ll take that.”

A serious looking Steve responds: “I’m not going to Greggs.

“I’m going to sit here and try and work out what AC12, BC7 and 42K is.

My F***ing heids bursting. Can somebody else go to The Greggs. I hate my life.”


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