Janey Godley thanks everyone who came to UK tour after ovarian cancer diagnosis

Scots comedian Janey Godley issued a heartfelt thank you on social media to everyone who attended her UK tour before it ended abruptly.

The comic announced last week she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had to cancel the last two shows of her UK tour due to hospitalisation.

She touchingly penned on Twitter: “Because my tour ended so abruptly due to ill health, I never got a chance to thank everyone who came out to the shows up and down the UK and packed out all the venues.

Scots comedian Janey Godley reveals she’s being treated for ovarian cancer

“Thank you so much to every theatre who supported me and every audience member who cheered me on that tour.”

Fans rushed to the replies to support the comedian during this tough time.

One fan wrote: “Thank YOU Janey. You gave us a wee break from all the bad news, corruption, sleaze, and disease we’ve been suffering through. For a couple of hours my world was joyous. Thank you. You were just the tonic we needed. Now it’s you that needs the help. Get well soon.”

Another replied: “Hope everything goes well tomorrow. My friend got good news today her surgery has cleared her of the cancer. Fingers crossed you get the same outcome.”

Janey Godley is now at home

The Glasgow-born comic previously asked fans to spread ‘light and love’ and keep her social media feeds positive after making her diagnosis public.

On Twitter she penned: “RIGHT that’s the negative nellies dealt with- let’s keep this place full of light and love.”

Sharing a video from her hospital bed last Friday she said: “I want to thank everyone for all their support and all their help and for coming out and sharing so much laughter with me.

“Onto the next step of the journey, and what is that journey?

“I don’t know if I’m going to be one of these people who battle bravely and fight every step.

“I don’t know, that doesn’t feel how I’ve been the last day where I’ve done nothing but cry and cry and cry.

“But I’m going to use science, and technology and I’m going to try and cope with this next step of my journey.”

We wish Janey a speedy recovery!

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