Janey Godley 'slowly mending' after hysterectomy as she thanks the NHS

Janey Godley says she is ‘slowly mending’ in an update for fans on social media after going through a hysterectomy.

The Scottish comedian announced her ovarian cancer diagnosis in November 2021 but had her operation delayed for seven weeks after contracting coronavirus.

She finally went under the knife on January 6.

The 60-year-old comic told fans on Twitter : “Catheter, canula, nasal/Throat tube and oxygen supply FREE- I have no more tubes coming out of my body! Hurrah thanks Scottish NHS – slowly mending, saw my wound in the mirror today and well, yes it does look like a half cooked ham Hough but it’s getting better.”

Janey’s fans rushed to wish her well in her recovery from the op.

One replied: “You’re made of tough stuff, you know that? As strong and as good as they come. So much love I’m sending your way!”

“Great news Janey, keep getting better, we’re all thinking of u. Made up uv been able to update us yourself,” said another.

Someone else wrote: “thanks for updating us Janey. you’re in the thoughts of your legion of fans.”

Janey had been documenting her health updates across her social media platforms, but after her op her daughter, Ashley Storrie, took over to let everyone know how her mum was.

She confirmed he tumour, named ‘Bunty’, had ‘left the building’ and the surgery was a success.

Ashley said: “Mum is out of surgery and is in recovery.

“Her time in the operating theatre went relatively well, and a full hysterectomy was achieved.

“Bunty has left the building.

“Thank you so much for all your kind words, positive thoughts and prayers.

“Now that we’ve had a moment to breathe at the top of this hill, I’d just like to say how appreciative my whole family are for the NHS.

“Thank you, sincerely and wholeheartedly, to all the amazing people who are looking after my mother.

“I just spoke to mum on the phone.

“Her voice was weak but her spirit seemed strong. I was so very relieved to hear her.

“Thank you again for all the kind messages and words.”

Sharing a picture of Janey from hospital Ashley added ‘never have I been happier to receive a series of shonky selfies from my mother’.

The comedian found viral fame with her dubbed pastiches of Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s coronavirus news briefings during the pandemic.

We wish Janey all the best and a speedy recover post-op.

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