Janey Godley pokes fun at new movie A Castle for Christmas in brilliant voiceover

Janey Godley has left fans in stitches with another one of her famous voiceovers.

This time however, it had nothing to do with the First Minister ‘s coronavirus briefing, and instead she targeted Netflix’s new Christmas movie, A Castle For Christmas.

The movie, which stars Brooke Shields, is about an American a bestselling author who travels to Scotland where she falls in love with a castle (it’s actually a manor) and faces off with the grumpy ‘Duke of Dunbar’ who owns it.

And when Brooke’s character speaks to the Duke, Janey says: “Guess wit you’ve got to dae to own this castle? I’ve wrote it aw doon in this letter! Huv a guess!”

“Eh touch yer b*****?


“Wit then?”

And fans were in hysterics.

One wrote: “Crying just finished watching this film tonight. My god, 1hr 50mins of my life I’ll never get back.”

Another added: “Worst Christmas film ever! I was slightly offended for Scottish people! AAAAAAND it’s not even a castle!!”

While one said: “I watched this last week and it was so cringey!! The accents were awful, much prefer urs.”

And one wrote: “Our Janey. Nailing it as always!”

While one commented: “Started watching it last night. Lasted about 10 minutes. The Scottish accents were driving me mad. And the knitting group, said it all.”

When Netflix unveiling the preview for the new movie on Twitter, something told us that even they were not convinced.

They wrote: “A CASTLE FOR CHRISTMAS comes to Netflix on 26 November, including Brooke Shields and the most accurate depiction of Scotland ever seen on screen. Honest.”

You can watch Janey Godley’s latest voiceover on Twitter..

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