Jake Paul dismisses Floyd Mayweather's power despite being left with black eye

Jake Paul has claimed that Floyd Mayweather “doesn’t hit hard” despite suffering a black eye at the hands of the boxing legend.

Mayweather and Logan Paul will square off this Sunday at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, with the YouTube star a sizeable underdog against his 50-0 opponent.

But after taking a blow from Mayweather during a violent altercation at a pre-fight press conference earlier this month, Jake has told his brother not to worry about the pound-for-pound great’s power.

“It was an uppercut,” Jake said of the punch he took from Mayweather in an interview with Showtime Sports. “You could hear it smack, his bodyguards were holding me back and my face was [open to hit].

“He just pulls back and he’s saying ‘what the f***?’ and he hits me with an uppercut.

“He freaks out, he’s saying he wants to kill me, it’s pretty hilarious, the word on the street was that he was serious… To be honest, I told my brother this, the guy doesn’t hit hard.”

The Paul brothers reportedly have upped their security detail after the threat from Mayweather although they have refused to pursue legal action.

Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul had a scuffle at the press conference earlier this month
Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul had a scuffle at the press conference earlier this month

Logan has claimed that even securing a fight with the legendary boxer is ‘the greatest finesse in history’, considering the vast chasm of experience between the two.

“Why is Floyd Mayweather getting in the ring with me?” Logan pondered in that same Showtime segment. “He has everything to lose.

“You got finessed, you got finessed, Floyd, and then imagine for one second if I beat him, I have to imagine taking this fight would be a regret for him.

“I mean, does he think I suck? The answer could be yes; there is nothing online that is exceptionally spectacular of me boxing. But in the past year and a half, we have got to a really, really, really good spot.

“I think on June 6, we are going to find out why there is weight classes in boxing, I’m not some guy going in there and tapping you. I ain’t got pillow hands.

“I hit hard and I’m fast and I’m tall. I’m long and I’m strong. I’m angry and I want this s***.”

The Paul brothers also believe they are more important to Floyd’s remaining relevance than he is to theirs.

Jake, who recently signed a deal with Showtime in the US after going 3-0 in his own professional career, added: “He already had his time, no one really wants to see Floyd fight again unless it is something interesting.

“We are the new young bucks with the new audience. Everyone in boxing already knows Floyd but these little young kids, they don’t really care about Floyd or want to see him.

“His engagement is low, he is the champ-champ and best fighter of all-time, blah, blah, blah, How come he only gets 100K likes on a picture?”


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