J.K Simmons confirms Glasgow filming for Batgirl movie begins in January

DC Comics’ production of Batgirl will begin filming in Glasgow in January 2022, J.K Simmons has confirmed.

Batgirl is being produced by HBO Max and will see Simmons take on the role as Commissioner James Gordon once again after he made his DC debut in the Justice League movie.

This new film will focus on the Commissioners daughter, Barbara Gordon, taking on the role as the female masked vigilante Batgirl.

When appearing on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast he said: “A couple of months from now, well, they start very soon and then I jump on board sometime in January over in Glasgow, which is a wonderful place to be shooting it because it’s – you know- gothic… I’m excited to be the once and future Jim Gordon.”

Discussing the role more, he said he was “flabbergasted” they wanted him back in his role as it is set to be much more significant in the upcoming film.

Simmons admitted he had read the script, and was clear he didn’t want to give any indication of a spoiler away he said the film would be an interesting way to introduce Batgirl and to flex out Jim Gordon’s character.

The actor also gave some insights into his upcoming role in Spider Man: No Way Home telling Josh Horowitz that Jameson will still be the “little comic relief thing that gets sprinkled lightly” between all the more dramatic scenes.

“Certainly, from the creators of the current iteration of the story, it’s a very different character,” Simmons said.

He continued: “To me, it’s a slightly different character. It’s the same blowhard; the same guy with less hair. Honestly, I kind of wish he had the same hair… The most important thing is that he’s still the same blowhard and he does have the same damn moustache and cigar, at least.”

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