I’ve got 32L boobs – trolls stare at me when I wear revealing tops and tell me to lose weight but it’s just my body

A WOMAN with 32L-sized boobs says trolls often stare at her when she wears revealing tops.

TikToker Cheryl Ann says she has been told many times she needs to lose weight but she explains it’s just the way her body is.

The tiktoker says she has received negative comments from trolls


The tiktoker says she has received negative comments from trollsCredit: Tiktok/@cherylann_gg2
Cheryl Ann says it's not her fault people stare


Cheryl Ann says it’s not her fault people stareCredit: Tiktok/@cherylann_gg2

Taking to TikTok, busty Cheryl Ann shared a video of herself wearing a revealing top listing all the negative comments she has received over time.

One told her she had “no self-respect” while another one urged her to “lose weight”.

Someone suggested her breasts are “plastic” while someone just said “no thanks”.

But the Tiktoker does not let the comments bring her down and has said she can’t help it if people fancy her and admitted she actually enjoys the attention.

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She shared another clip with the caption: “When I wear revealing tops and everyone keeps looking at me when I’m out.”

In the background, it can be heard: “Every f****** person in this place fancies me.”

Tiktokers were quick to comment on her clip, with most of them being supportive and admiring Cheryl Ann’s figure.

One said: ” Well I most certainly do. I think you are absolutely stunningly gorgeous.”

Another one said: “There’s a difference between fancying someone & fancying what someone has ….”

One added: “You look amazing babe”

Another one commented: “You can’t blame them really”.

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The Tiktoker says she enjoys the attention when she wears revealing tops


The Tiktoker says she enjoys the attention when she wears revealing topsCredit: Tiktok/@cherylann_gg2


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