It's the future: The English Electric Motor Co

Sales of electric bikes are booming and many dealers now stock battery-powered models. But for this forward-looking outfit, electric is the only way to go. Fraser looks at the vision behind the EEMC

Outdoors at the HQ
Outdoors at the HQ

Electric motorbikes and scooters continue to sell in record numbers.

The Motorcycle Industry Association describes it as a “sales busting” performance and its figures show that no less than 3,300 electric two-wheelers have been registered already this year.

Incredibly, that is three times the volume at the same point last year.

Last month, 734 electrics were registered, compared to 270 in 2020 – a 172% increase.

By far the majority of sales are in the 1-4KW or up to 50cc category, MCIA figures show, but there are decent numbers up to and including over 35KW (500cc).

Many motorcycle dealers now stock at least some battery-powered bikes, but a fairly new development and still rather rare are dealerships offering only electric bikes.

English Electric Motor Co

One of those leading the way is the English Electric Motor Co.

Based in Diss, on the Suffolk/Norfolk border, the company is currently the biggest electric dealer in the UK.

The EEMC is the brainchild of Alec Sharp, founder of the bespoke custom bike building outfit Old Empire Motorcycles.

With many years’ experience in the custom world, but with a growing enthusiasm for battery power, Alec launched the EEMC in 2017.

Alec admitted the first time he was invited to ride an electric bike he was “not interested at all” and that he had to be “forced on to it”.

However once he did, “that was it, I was sold”.

His mission then became to encourage and allow other people who “might have had the same mindset” as he previously did towards electrics to “have a go” themselves.

He added: “We have to think outside of the box of combustion and this is where we have to head.”

And he insisted: “You’ve got to ride one. You have to have a go. Anyone who tries an electric and that includes many sceptics, are blown away by them because you cannot help but be impressed by the experience.

“Of around 2,000 people now, I have had only maybe two or three who weren’t impressed by the ride.”

The EEMC offers 11 brands of road and off-road bikes, including Zero Motorcycles, Energica, Super Soco, Niu, Horwin and UBCO.

It also has a number of models for children and used bikes.

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The firm believes in a hands-on approach and in “getting the message out there” and it attends numerous events, organises demo days and evenings, and offers doorstep demos.

Alec told Mirror Motorcycling: “By taking electric motorcycles directly to the client, we find our extended demo experience provides the user with a more realistic guide to electric transport on a daily basis.

“We not only believe our demonstrations educate the public to the benefits of electric transport, but also to the benefits of a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective approach to travel.”

EEMC also has DirtETrack – the opportunity to ride an electric off-road bike on 2.5km of track.

And it will soon launch an E-rider training school.


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