Is the Revamp Automatic Rotating hair curler worth the faff?

The curler has an automatic rotating barrel (Picture: Revamp)

In my life and work, I’ve tried a lot of hair styling tools, and have both adored and been very underwhelmed by them.

With bleached, fine hair, I have a pretty high bar: My holy grail curler needs to create a curl that holds, not damage or break the hair, and be easy to use.

This week in our review series Is It Worth the Faff? I’m trying the Revamp Progloss Hollywood Curl Automatic Rotating Hair Curler. Not exactly a catchy name, but a very hyped-up product nonetheless.

It has 4.8 stars on the Revamp website, 5 stars on Boots, and 4.5 on Amazon. That’s rare for a styling appliance, especially one with an RRP of £99 (currently £66 in the sale).

The haircare brand sent me one to try out and see whether it does live up to the fanfare. Here’s how it went.

What is the Revamp curler?

Most curlers comprise of a barrel that you wrap the hair around, twisting and holding in place.

The Hollywood Curl looks more like tulip petals around the barrel, with a vertical inlet. Basically, not what you’d expect.

It doesn’t look like your average tongs (Picture: Revamp)

Instead of doing the legwork (armwork?) yourself, you place the hair into the tool, then push the button and it rotates for you.

It has all the features you’d expect in a high-end styler, including variable heat settings from 150ºC to 220ºC, left and right-handed rotation, an auto shut off, and a keratin and coconut oil infused ceramic barrel.

Faff involved

Getting used to this takes time, so I’d say avoid trying it out right before a big night out.

Once you have the hang of it, though, it’s incredibly easy.

Section off the hair, then hold the strand so it comes past the barrel and out of the inlet. Then just push the button, and the Revamp twists that strand into a curl.

It took me around 10 minutes to do my full head, and I can change the heat setting next time for looser or tighter coils, or switch the direction if I want face-framing rather than the more ‘undone’ look I went for.

The results

I’m seriously impressed with this. It took less time than I would’ve spent with a standard set of tongs, but I didn’t finish the process with a dead arm.

The only real effort was sectioning off the hair, which I’d have had to do anyhow.

The result is touchable curls with bounce to them, and no ‘beauty pageant’ uniformity that can take curled hair from playful to childish.

The curls held for most of the day – a miracle if you have painfully straight tresses like mine – and that was on an extremely warm day.

Is it worth the faff?

If you have straight, wavy, or loosely curly hair, absolutely. I can’t comment on how it’d work with a tight curl pattern, as it’s not easy to start the coils from the root (which would end up with an uneven look).

Another thing I can’t personally attest to, but I’ve seen in reviews, is that this is particularly useful for those with mobility issues.

The automatic rotation isn’t a gimmick; it really works, and takes the pain out of styling your hair.

If you’ve ever toiled over a straightener or tongs and wished there was a better option out there, you’ll be just as sold as I am.

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