Is the Covid vaccine safe for pregnant women? Data stresses urgency of getting jab

Pregnant women are being urged to get vaccinated as new stats reveal compelling evidence that the jab is important for expectant mothers

NHS chiefs issued an urgent call to expectant mothers to attend
Medical professionals highlight ‘overwhelming evidence’ that COVID vaccine is safe for pregnant women and their babies

Pregnant people are being urged to get their vaccinations in a new government campaign.

The push comes after new research has found that nearly all pregnant women admitted to hospital with Covid symptoms last year were unvaccinated.

The data, collected by UK Obstetric Surveillance System, found that 96% of women in hospital with symptoms had not received their jab.

The Department of Health and Social Care cited statistics from the study, flagging that of the unvaccinated pregnant women in hospital, a third needed respiratory support.

Roughly 20% of women admitted to hospital with the virus had to be delivered pre-term to help them recover properly.

Professor Lucy Chappell, chief scientific adviser to the DHSC, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme “We’ve also seen stillbirths and neonatal deaths in the latest wave.”

Is the vaccine safe for pregnant women?

Researchers have said that pregnant women should feel reassured to get vaccinated


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Scientists and government officials insist that the Covid vaccine is safe for pregnant women.

Gill Walton, chief executive and general secretary of the RCM, said: “There is overwhelming evidence that the Covid vaccine is safe for pregnant women and for their babies – and that it’s the best way to keep them safe from harm.

“Sadly, there are too many pregnant women being admitted to hospital with Covid.”

In August 2021, only 22% of women who gave birth were vaccinated.

Dr Jen Jardine of the RCOG, who is seven months pregnant and has had her Covid-19 booster jab, said: “Both as a doctor and pregnant mother myself, we can now be very confident that the Covid-19 vaccinations provide the best possible protection for you and your unborn child against this virus.

“I would strongly call on all pregnant women like me, if you haven’t had the vaccine yet, to either speak to your GP or midwife if you still have questions and then book right away today.

Does the Covid vaccine impact fertility?

People should be wary of fertility misinformation online


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Although misinformation has been circulating online, data shows that the Covid vaccine does not impact fertility.

The British Fertility Society said: “There is absolutely no evidence, and no theoretical reason, that any of the vaccines can affect the fertility of women or men. This includes whether you are trying on your own or having fertility treatment.”

Speaking on the Good Morning Britain, Dr Amir Khan said : “There was some concern over this when we first started giving out the vaccine back in January, we told women not to try and get pregnant for the first three months.”

He added: “But we’ve got real world data now to show that the vaccines don’t affect fertility so child bearing age women can go forward and get the vaccine and continue to try for a baby.”

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