Is Pest Control in North London Worse Than in The South

Is Pest Control in North London Worse Than in The South

Searches for Pest control North London are twice as many as the one for pest control South London. But this actually doesn’t mean that there is twice as many infestation problems in North London that would be in the South.

My understanding is that the use of Pest Control North London is at best a choice of word. And my experience is that we have as much work in one area than the next one. If we take into consideration the marketing factor of the company, if we find any disparity it is possibly down to the type of pest that we are being called about.

So if we would say that pest control problems in North London are about the same than in the South. Are there any real variations between the two? And the answer is yes there are. There is a strong correlation between a certain type of best and certain areas that can be attributed to the presence of a local market, a canal, or a park.

The other factor that can be looked into is how urbanised or how leafy is an area and the type of pest issues that are resulting from there. As example, we have a number of large council estate in South London that have been affected by tropical ants. So it is not surprising that we would have more pharaoh ants complaint coming from the South than from the North.

One could also argue that some areas in South London such as Richmond, Greenwich and Wimbledon are particularly leafy and therefore it is not surprising that more wasps complaints would be reported there.

But the reality is that we can make any numbers of assumptions and try to find any reasoning or arguments to try to justify them. Furthermore, we do not have access to a comprehensive survey exploring this very issue in such detail. On the official government web page, we can find many aspects being explored on a yearly basis, But finding precise data about the infestation rate of any household is far from straight forward.

Rather than looking North vs South, it is more appropriate looking at run-down areas versus better maintained ones. I recall when I was working in the council as some of the areas of our borough had been specially selected as priority areas where a number of interventions would need to take place. I was surprised to see that a pest control workshop had been set up to provide free of charge support to the local residents.

If anyone should ever suffer from any pest issues, they should call any professional and ask for advices that should normally be given freely. London Pest control companies have the duty to provide the best advice to members of the public regardless if they become clients or not. So rather than thinking In term of pest control North London or South London, we are better off dropping the comps altogether.


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