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iPhone XS and new Apple Watch purportedly revealed in leaked pictures

Apple might have accidentally its two most important upcoming products.

Images found by blog 9to5mac appear to show the brand new iPhone XS as well as the redesigned Apple Watch Series 4.

The two products are expected to form the central part of Apple’s event next month, for which invitations were sent out the same day the pictures leaked.

The first of the leaks focused on the new iPhone, which 9to5mac claimed was certain to be called the iPhone XS. The naming system of the new phones has reportedly been a point of difficulty for Apple, and already some joked that the name appeared to be “excess”, though Apple prefers that the X is pronounced as “ten”.

While the design of the phone appears to be very similar if not identical to the existing iPhone X, the leak shows the larger version of the handset as well as suggesting that it could come in a brand new gold colour. Apple only offers the current premium phone in black or white, both of which have silver edges.


The new gold colour appears to tie in with the invitation that Apple sent out to press attending the event on 12 September. And the leaked marketing shots are in line with Apple’s look in recent years.

Apple is expected to unveil three new handsets at the September event. As well as the updated iPhone X and the larger version of the same phone, the company is expected to show off a cheaper version that will look similar and be sized somewhere between the two – that phone was not a part of any of the leaks.

The site then went on to reveal what it said were pictures of the new Apple Watch Series 4. It shows a much larger display, which sweeps right across the front of the thinner body, and allows it to show far more information than the current models.


Both of the pictures appear to have some from some kind of marketing materials: it has been suggested that Apple might accidentally have broadcasted footage that was intended for the September event onto a public channel. Perhaps because the information is taken from product videos, there appears to be no details on the internal specifications or working of the new models. 

Last year, Apple also accidentally revealed just about everything about its upcoming products when it accidentally uploaded secret software onto its public servers. In that software was drawings of the new phones, as well as information about how features such as the removed home button would work.

This time around, leaks have been much more scarce. Until now, it appeared that Apple’s plan to lock down possible leaks had worked – but the latest leak and any more to come could threaten to cast a shadow over the September event.

As well as the phone and watch, Apple might opt to unveil updates to its iPad and Mac lines, as well as launch new products like the long-awaited AirPower charging mat.


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