iPhone 11 spec leak claims to reveal everything that’s coming in new Apple handset

A new leak claims to show all of the specifications of the upcoming iPhone 11.

The new handset – which is really three handsets, in different versions – is set to be revealed on 10 September.

The latest leak claims to have got there first by revealing details of the new phone. It is one of a range of supposed leaks that have come before the release, which are more or less reliable.

The details revealed in the supposed leak are a combination of already-known, unconfirmed and unlikely. But they are a useful round-up of everything that’s been rumoured for the new phone, just days ahead of its launch.

The information comes in the form of a spec sheet that was discovered over the weekend and published around the Apple rumours sites. There is nothing to suggest that anything that hasn’t been rumoured elsewhere – which is most of the details in there – will actually be true.

Indeed, the “leaked spec sheet” in fact appears to be a summary of various other leaks that was published online for the benefit of readers. It appears to have then been assumed to be new details rather than a round-up of existing ones.

It suggests there will be three different phones, as repeatedly rumoured in previous leaks. As with other leaks, it suggests they will be named the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max; as such, they will keep the general line-up as the existing phones, though with different names.

Otherwise, it simply repeats what is known about the new phones. It suggests they will look the same as the existing models but will have a much larger camera array on the back, with an extra lens, and that the camera will be the biggest upgrade in the new phones.

The only very new rumour is that the Pro versions of the iPhone 11 will include the ability to use the Apple Pencil, and may come with a smaller version of the stylus. Such a rumour seems unlikely, especially given much has leaked about the new phone and that has included no references to any new stylus.

It also makes detailed reference to the specs of the phone, including a rumour that they will have more RAM than their predecessors. But there is nothing to indicate that will be the case, especially given that Apple is usually not especially open about how much RAM is in each phone, even when they have been released.




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