Internet Trolls Be Damned: Rebecca Black Is Here to Reintroduce Herself

And now she’s writing a whole new book with her latest project, Rebecca Black Was Here

A solid mix of what she calls “that hyper pop-y, like, you know, rave song of my dreams,” and “incredibly emotional” tracks like the more vulnerable “Blue,” there’s a “a lot of variety in terms of the sound that it has,” she said. It’s the result of allowing herself and her team to really go there during the writing process. 

“I just really gave myself a lot of liberty, and the people I was working with too—the producers and co-writers,” she explained. “I think we all tried to challenge ourselves to push the limits in terms of what a pop project could sound like and really tie in as much as we could.”

Inspired by icons such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Grimes and Gwen Stefani “who have been unafraid to take a chance,” she noted, “I think that I wanted to, in my own way, channel that risk-taking energy, ’cause I finally felt like I could do that.”


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