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Internet down – live: World’s biggest websites crash after Fastly outage, from Reddit to Amazon and CNN

Much of the internet has broken after an apparent issue with the technology underpinning it.

Some of the world’s biggest websites – from Reddit to Amazon, and from the New York Times to the UK government’s website – are refusing to load.

The issue appears to be related to problems at Fastly, a company that provides the infrastructure that underpins some of the central parts of the internet.

Specifically, it seems to be an issue with content delivery networks, or CDNs, which host copies of web pages around the world so that they can be delivered to users most quickly.

Here is all the latest on the ongoing outage and its effects across the world.


Andrew Griffin8 June 2021 12:15


This update from Kim Sengupta, our defence and security editor, who says the outage does not appear to be malicious:

Early indications, according to intelligence officials, were that the website crashes were not the result of malicious cyber attacks by hacking groups or hostile states. The sites affected appear to be sharing the same cloud content delivery network, a system of proxy servers and data centres, which had malfunctioned. The officials stressed investigations will continue for evidence of other possible reasons.

Andrew Griffin8 June 2021 12:14


Hello and welcome

… to The Independent’s live coverage of the ongoing outage.

Andrew Griffin8 June 2021 12:11


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