International drug peddler arrested, 10 gm cocaine seized

The North Zone Task Force on Thursday apprehended a “most wanted international drug peddler” Chukwu Ogbonna David, and seized the contact numbers of his customers and 10 grams of cocaine.

According to police, David alias Tony Abia Marsha is from Nigeria and known in Mumbai by the name of Tony. In 2013, he moved from his country to Mumbai, and has been allegedly illegally living in the country. He began eking out a living by dealing in garments and wigs.

Police also arrested alleged drug users who have been identified as Niranjan Kumar Jain, Shashwat Jain, Yagyanand Agarwal, Dhandu Surya Sumanth Reddy, Bandi Bhargav, Venkat Chalasani, Thamminedi Sagar, Alghani Srikanth, and Godi Subba Rao.

Police said that David began consuming drugs and became aware that some people from African countries were dealing with drugs in metropolitan cities, and decided to get into this business. David then allegedly developed contacts with drug users in places such as Goa, Mumbai and Hyderabad. He then established a network of local agents identified as Imran Babu, Shaik, Noor Mohd Khan, Parwaz, Rahamath, Irfan and Firdous.

Police said that David bought the narcotics from an international drug peddler who goes by the name Star Boy through ships. His runners allegedly transport drugs from Mumbai to Hyderabad and deliver them to his customers. They allegedly use international phone numbers, WhatsApp calls, and VOIP calls to make contact and deliver drugs. Tony, police said, has as many as 20 customers in Hyderabad.


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