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Instagram goes down across the UK and people are furious about it

Thousands of users are affected by the Instagram outage (Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)

Instagram has suffered an outage across the UK with users racing to other platforms to complain about it.

The Facebook-owned social platform is failing to load through the mobile app although the desktop version seems unaffected.

There has been no word on scheduled maintenance from the social network’s bosses so it appears that another issue is to blame.

Reports started to emerge on the outage-tracking website DownDetector at about 2pm.

The outage appears to be centered around London, but other parts of Europe have also been hit. The issues is believed to be affecting thousands of Instagram users.

The current Instagram outage is mostly affecting London (DownDetector)

UK user Jacqueline McHugh posted: ‘2:27pm UK Instagram not working, can’t refresh feed, followers list not loading, tagged photos not loading, etc.’

‘Tried restarting phone, deleting and re-downloaded app, still not working. Anyone else?!’

Others turned to Twitter to start lamenting the lack of an available Instagram to scroll.

According to DownDetector, which breaks down the issues users face based on feedback, the majority of people (77%) are seeing issues specifically around the news feed.

A reported 13% are unable to log in and 9% cannot see or load Instagram Stories.

‘Since last night no ones IG displays any content, including mine… just says “can’t refresh feed”‘ lamented one Instagram user.

‘I messaged Instagram several times, no response as usual. Everything seems okay from browser. Just app not working. I uninstalled, restarted phone- nothing works.’


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