'Inevitable' Labour will bring no confidence motion if Theresa May loses Brexit vote

Sir Keir Starmer has said it’s “inevitable” Labour will call a motion of no confidence if Theresa May loses a Commons vote on her Brexit deal.

The crunch vote on the 12th December is seen as a key test of the Prime Minister who is trying to convince MPs to back her deal.

But with more than 100 Tory MPs publicly admitting they can’t back the agreement, it looks more and more likely Mrs May will lose the vote.

The shadow Brexit secretary told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday: “It seems to me that if the Prime Minister has lost a vote of that sort of significance then there has to be a question of confidence in the Government…

“I think it’s inevitable that we will seek to move that – obviously it will depend on what actually happens in nine days, it will depend on what the response is – but if she’s lost a vote of this significance after two years of negotiation, then it is right that there should be a general election.

Sir Keir is leading a bid to force the government to publish Brexit legal advice

“Because, but for the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, the convention was always if a Government loses what’s called a confidence vote – something of such significance – then that Government has to go.”

On Friday universities minister Sam Gyimah became the seventh member of the government to quit over the deal.

The East Surrey MP, who backed Remain, said the plan was “not in the British national interest” and that voting for it would “set ourselves up for failure” by surrendering “our voice, our vote and our veto”.

Number 10 are understood to be braced a further resignations in the coming days.

Sam Gyimah became the seventh to quit over the deal

The Prime Minister, who has been trying to sell her Brexit leaders to world leaders at the G20, will ramp up the pressure on her MPs on her return.

In her strongest language yet the PM will say on Tuesday that if she does not get her way, Brexit will be delayed or scrapped altogether.

Meanwhile the row over the government’s legal advice continues.

Labour said it is ready to combine with other opposition parties to start proceedings for contempt of Parliament unless the legal opinion of Attorney General Geoffrey Cox is published in full.

Theresa May will say that if MPs block her deal Brexit will be delayed or scrapped altogether

Sir Keir said the Labour Party would begin contempt proceedings on Monday if the Prime Minister fails to produce the dull legal advice she has received over her deal.

“In nine days time, parliament has got to take probably the most important decision it has taken for a generation and it’s obviously important that we know the full legal implications of what the prime minister wants us to sign up to,” Keir Starmer said.

“I don’t want to go down this path … (but) if they don’t produce it tomorrow then we will start contempt proceedings.

“This would be a collision course between the government and parliament.”

Interviewed by Sophy Ridge, Tory Chairman Brandon Lewis spoke of the importance of “client confidentiality” when it comes to the legal advice the government has received.

Instead he said the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox would be making a statement to parliament on Monday.

He insisted the Prime Minister’s deal is the “only option”: “Plan B is plan A – it’s to get this deal agreed.”

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