Independent Group MPs LIVE: Labour and Conservatives braced for more walkouts in historic political shakeup

While Jeremy Corbyn has faced criticism, the seven MPs who quit Labour in protest at the direction of the party have also received similar negativity for their actions. 

The group has been branded “pathetic” by Derek Hatton, the firebrand former deputy leader of Liverpool City Council.

Mr Hatton told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

Of course it’s good to be back, in fact in a way I’ve never left.

For 34 years I’ve stayed absolutely solid with the Labour Party. Never joined any other party, never actually voted for another party.

Never campaigned for another party.

And, believe you me, during the times of the Blair era, the Iraq war, the ending of clause four, etc, it wasn’t easy, and it was tempting to go.

And that’s why when you look at the seven who now have left you think, well, how pathetic is it, how really strong are you within the Labour movement to want to run away when there is something that you disagree with?

He was speaking after it was reported he had formally been readmitted to the Labour Party 34 years after being expelled.


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