'In Tories' warped world, upholding standards is just for the little people'

Boris Johnson has been let off with the lightest of slaps to the wrist over a revamp of his Downing Street flat.

It speaks volumes about the Prime Minister’s casual disregard for money that he allowed a refurbishment reportedly costing £200,000 to go ahead without caring how it was funded.

Thanks to Mr Johnson’s policies, households across the country are having to scrimp and save for every penny.

While he turns to rich donors for help, others have to turn to foodbanks.

His cavalier attitude is insulting and shows how out of touch he is with those he serves.

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With this Government you can break any rule you like and not fear repercussions, as Home Secretary Priti Patel has demonstrated.

In their warped world, upholding standards, like having to worry about budgeting, is just for the little people.

Terror failings

Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt were two young graduates who sought to make the world a better place.

They were unlawfully killed by terrorist Usman Khan when he went on a stabbing rampage at a rehabilitation event at Fish­mongers’ Hall, in London, two years ago.

Their deaths might have been avoided were it not for multiple failings by the police, the authorities and the security services.

It is beyond belief that state agencies failed to consider the risk of allowing Khan to travel to London that day and did not share the fact he posed a danger with his probation officer.

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For Saskia’s and Jack’s sakes, lessons must be learned from this episode.

Sweet science

Legend Barbara Windsor died from Alzheimer’s
Legend Barbara Windsor died from Alzheimer’s

In a major breakthrough, US researchers have developed the first drug which can halt the progress of Alzheimer’s.

If regulators give this life-changing medicine the go-ahead, it could be available on the NHS by the end of next year.

Yet again, we owe a debt of gratitude to the brilliance of science.


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