In defence of the SNP's record in power | Letter

In response to your editorial (The Guardian view on Scottish politics: a battle with no winners, 24 March), I would like to take issue with the implication that the SNP government is in a state of stale incumbency.

Living in Scotland and looking at their record in office, it is clear to see why the SNP is hard for other parties to beat fairly. Families receive 600 hours of early learning and childcare, and Scottish students receive free university tuition. Prescription charges are free, and free personal and nursing care is available to all who need it, regardless of age. Council tax is cheaper than in England and there is a national council tax freeze.

The Scottish government also has a good record on social security and provision of affordable homes. It has passed legislation for the world’s most ambitious emissions reduction targets and banned fracking in Scotland.

Voters like me are influenced far more by this impressive record than by opposition politicians seeking to exploit one mistake to discredit the SNP before the Holyrood elections in May.
Sarah Mackay


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