'I'm not going to my sister's wedding as she refuses to invite my partner'

A woman has revealed that she is boycotting her sister’s wedding after she was specifically told that she couldn’t bring her partner to the celebration.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said how she was raised a catholic and her parents were very strict – but over the years they have softened up and are now more accepting of different walks of life.

So much so, that they have accepted her same-sex partner and don’t mind that their daughter is bisexual – but unfortunately the sister still has a problem with it.

As the groom is also catholic and his family are ‘very homophobic’ the sister has said that the woman’s girlfriend cannot come to the ceremony – so now she’s refusing to go out of protest.

A wedding scene
She said some of the guests at the wedding were quite homophobic (stock photo)

Posting on Reddit, the woman said: “My sister is having a destination wedding in Hawaii next Spring with immediate family, plus spouses/serious partners.

“I am a bi female who has been in a relationship with a woman for the past year. We grew up catholic, parents used to be insanely homophobic but have mellowed out over the past several years, and they begrudgingly accept my girlfriend.

“My sister’s fiancé and his family are very Catholic and his parents and grandparents very homophobic. Her future father-in-law has frequently used homophobic and transphobic slurs, her fiancé knows I’m in a relationship with a woman but his family does not.

“My sister and parents do not want my girlfriend to come because they don’t want to ‘start drama’ with her fiancé’s family.

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“They told me my sister’s wedding is not the time to ‘make a statement’.

“I’m not trying to start drama nor make any statements, just being my authentic self with my girlfriend whom I’ve been with for a year now.

“I cannot use the excuse that it’s too expensive to travel because my parents have volunteered to pay for flight/lodging/food in full. I have offered to pay in full for my girlfriend, although I’m sure if she were a man they’d sponsor her trip too.

“I have told them if my girlfriend is not welcome then I will not be coming.

“Major drama had ensued, sister is really upset because she won’t have a bridesmaid otherwise, it’s family only, and her fiancé just has a brother, and she doesn’t want to have to explain to the in-laws why I’m not there.”

After sharing her story online, other Reddit users rushed to the woman’s defence and said she had done nothing wrong.

She said: “Guess your sister can either explain why you aren’t there or invite your significant other. Sounds like a ‘her’ problem.”

While a second person said: “You are not trying to make a statement, you are living your life. Don’t waste you time, your money, or your emotions on these people.”

And a third added: “I had an almost identical thing with my partner. You come as a single unit comprised of two people. Not divisible. Not negotiable. They either want you both or they don’t want you at all.

“The choice is simple and theirs to make; your family either choose to exclude you from a big event because it’s awkward for them or embrace you and deal with it.”

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