'I'm due to give birth in four weeks – I'm worried about losing my dignity'

One first-time mum has opened up about some very relatable concerns ahead of giving birth in four weeks’ time, explaining that she’s afraid of losing her ‘dignity’ when the all-important day arrives

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The first time mum is worried about losing her dignity

Giving birth is one of the hardest things a woman will ever do, but it’s also the most magical. That moment they get to hold their baby for the first time is unforgettable.

But regardless of how much you prepare for that life-changing day, it’s perfectly natural to have a few concerns and nerves beforehand, particularly it’s your first time going into the delivery room.

One first-time mum has sought advice from other mothers four weeks before her due date, expressing apprehensions about potentially being naked in front of people during her labour and feeling as though she’s lost her dignity.

The mum-to-be isn’t sure what to expect


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Taking to Mumsnet’s Childbirth forum, the mum-to-be explained that she’d previously opened up about “not wanting to be naked during labour”, and was reassured that she didn’t have to be if she didn’t want to.

However, she then experienced further panic after many people told her that you “lose all dignity and won’t know anyway”, instilling in her the fear that she will ultimately lose control over the situation.

Asking advice from her fellow mums, she wrote: “Is that because the pain is so unbearable you forget where you are and you don’t even realise what’s going on? Or is it just through choice in the moment that you start stripping off and you’re fully aware of what you’re doing?”

She went on to add that she hoped her query made sense, emphasising that she was “just trying to get an understanding of how bad it’s going to be”.

She can’t imagine being a situation where she could strip off in front of people


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Explaining that she “can’t ever imagine me being in a position that I would be that out of control that I would be willing to strip naked in a situation like that”, she added that she’s “definitely overthinking things at the time gets closer” but just wanted to hear some opinions.

Many users came forward to offer advice for the worried user, reassuring her that there were indeed ways to calm her fears and feel more in control.

One mum empathised: “I thought I’d be bothered. First labour I was naked for the first part then put a t-shirt on. Second labour I couldn’t get my trousers off fast enough they were just adding to the pain. When I got on the bed as strangely it was comfortable there, the midwife just put a light cover over me”.

They added: “To be honest I didn’t care but the staff were excellent they covered me, explained exactly what they were doing, all very respectful”.

Another mother recalled that she “wore a short nightie both times” and had managed to find a “very soft modal ones with lots of stretch so that they were comfortable and didn’t get in the way of labour (easy to hike up and pull back down)”.

She continued: “You won’t need to strip off fully in almost all but the most extreme of circumstances, so please don’t let this cause you any unnecessary anxiety”.

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