I’m a nanny for a millionaire who bought a block of flats so her child could have a second GARDEN

A TIKTOKER who works as a nanny for a millionaire has shared how his boss bought a whole block of flats so her child could have a second garden.

Jake from Honolulu, Hawaii, shared the bizarre tale on TikTok which has since been viewed thousands of times.

Jake said the woman let the girl do whatever she wants


Jake said the woman let the girl do whatever she wantsCredit: TikTok

The clip starts with Jake explaining that his job is being a nanny for “Japanese millionaires.”

“No one is going to believe this story but when I get fired or if I quit, I will post receipts,” he said.

“The girl likes to do random things and her mum literally lets her do whatever she wants.

“Then one day she is like ‘I want to make a garden.’

“At their big house, they have a really nice garden but they have a gardener who tends to it and she doesn’t want her messing it up.

“So then the girl looks over next door and next to their house there is this apartment building and behind the apartment building, there’s this plot of land.

“She’s like ‘I want to make my garden there.'”

The nanny also added in the caption: “Then we went to the flower shop and spent $1000 on flowers that were never watered again.”

The TikToker then explained to the little girl that she cannot make her garden in that building because it did not belong to her.

The girl’s response was that she was going to “ask her mum.”

Jake said the woman proceeded to call the people who run the building and expressed her interest in buying the plot of land.

He continued: “They said we are not selling that plot of land so…she bought the whole f****** building. And the land. You can’t make this up.”

The video has sparked hundreds of comments with TikTokers slamming the “entitled” mum.

One said: “The kid be like playing The Sims in real life.”

Someone commented: “I work with rich kids in Tokyo and …I believe you…The entitlement of some is …out of this world.”

Another one joked: “Do they need a dog I can bark.

One said: “I believe it. Some of the rich kids I teach in Korea have literally been gifted apartment buildings by their grandparents…”

Another TikToker revealed how she fell in love with the father of the kids she was looking after, despite there being a 14-year age gap. 

Meanwhile, a dad was slammed for dancing “inappropriately” with his 23-year-old nanny.

And a new mum has shared how she hired a night nanny to care for her newborn so she could get some sleep.

The nanny said the mum bought the whole building


The nanny said the mum bought the whole buildingCredit: TikTok
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