I’m A Celeb’s James Haskell has a pop at Declan Donnelly after ‘unfair’ Bushtucker Trial

I’M A Celebrity star James Haskell had a pop at Ant McPartlin after the live Bushtucker Trial that viewers slammed as “unfair”.

The jungle was transformed into Jungle Love Island for the live trial, with the celebs taking on twisted re-imaginings of the famous ITV2 dating show.

 Roman Kemp and James Haskell failed to get any stars in the trial


Roman Kemp and James Haskell failed to get any stars in the trialCredit: Rex Features

The England rugby player and Roman Kemp were tasked with laying a bed filled with snakes.

They then had to unscrew the stars in boxes filled with a crab, spiders and cockroaches, and move it to a corresponding box with the same.

However, James struggled to get the first star out as a giant crab took up most of the box and kept its pincers on the screw.

James attempted to move it out of the way, with Dec telling him to be careful with the animal.

 Not only did they have to reach into the boxes, but there were snakes in the bed


Not only did they have to reach into the boxes, but there were snakes in the bedCredit: Rex Features

After the trial, Dec asked: “That was unlucky. What was it James?”

A furious James replied: “What was it? It was the very fact there was a giant crab in the way that you wanted me to carefully caress in a different direction as I tried to unscrew a star in its face.”

Dec replied: “Ooo someone’s getting prickly.”

On spin-off show Extra Camp, Ant told host Emily Atak: “How angry did James get? He had a little go at Dec.”

 The crab in the box was the main problem


The crab in the box was the main problemCredit: ITV

Viewers were equally as angry as the flanker, taking to Twitter to say how unfair the task was.

One person said: “I get no trials are exactly easy but 90 seconds was NO WAY enough time for that last trial. The crabs were too big for the box and too much of an obstruction that there was no room to unscrew/screw the stars. Come on let everyone have their roast!!”

Another added: “@antanddec who’s stupid idea was it to put a crab that takes up the entire box in a task where you have to unscrew and screw stars on ? And only 90 seconds absolute joke”

A third said: “Seriously? That last part with the stars on screws… did they run out of roast potatoes or something so thought ah we’ll just make it impossible for the last 3 meals”

Earlier James and Roman were forced to pass pig testicles from mouth to mouth, leaving fans in hysterics.

The only stars to miss out on a roast dinner were Ian Wright, Cliff Parisi and Andrew Maxwell.

I’m A Celebrity’s James Haskell and Roman Kemp perform impossible bed task in Love Island themed Live Bushtucker Trial


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