'I'm 27 and I've never had sex so guys think there's something wrong with me'

When it comes to sex, everyone has their own preferences, some people are really keen and others just aren’t that bothered.

Many in the UK start doing the deed as soon as they turn 16, but there are those who prefer to wait.

One woman has been able to have sex for 11 years, but still remains a virgin at the age of 27.

The unnamed woman recently shared her story with the Daily Star’s advice columnist Jane O’Gorman.

She explained that she has never had sex because she always ends up laughing at the most inappropriate moments – such as when her partner drops his trousers.

She said: “I’m 27 and still a virgin. I’ve had several boyfriends over the years but no relationship has lasted longer than a few weeks.

“The minute a guy gets all ­serious and says something ­romantic, I giggle or make a sarcastic remark. Intimate moments on a sofa make my toes curl.

“The minute a hand goes up my jumper or down my knickers, my immediate reaction is to slap it away again. This doesn’t tend to go down well.”

She went on to recall how her most recent boyfriend had planned a romantic getaway for the two of them – booking a hotel and buying wine and roses.

But when they got to their destination and things started to get steamy, it proved too much for the woman.

He pulled off his clothes, while she “collapsed” in a fit laughter.

She says she always laughs at the most inappropriate moments (stock photo)

“He looked so ridiculous I had tears pouring down my face,” she admits. “He was furious, but the more he tried to seduce me, the more I roared.

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“Eventually he threw his stuff in his bag and said: ‘I give up. You’re a freak.’ Then he drove home leaving me to find my own way back by bus and train.”

She went on to confess that she finds the idea of “dangly bits coming together completely ludicrous” and that an “eager fella” just isn’t attractive to her.

The woman admits that while her virginity might be intact, she’s no stranger to sex toys and has had many orgasms on her own.

She added: “I think I want to have sex, but when the moment comes I bottle it.

“More than one guy has told me there’s something wrong with me. If I’m completely honest, I’m terrified of ending up an unfulfilled, lonely old spinster.”

Agony aunt, Jane suggests that the lady might benefit from speaking to a health professional about her reactions and experiences.

She suggests there’s likely a deeper reason as to why the woman acts the way she does around naked bodies.

She writes: “I get the impression you’re attempting to make light of your situation. But don’t be too proud to reach out and admit things aren’t going well for you.”


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