'If planned end of lockdown has to be postponed, we know who to blame'

PM threat to freedom

With millions out enjoying the sunshine, Britain is once again appreciating life’s simple pleasures as restrictions ease.

There is, thankfully, little or no evidence that Covid-19 spreads outside if we’re sensible.

But if the planned end of lockdown does have to be postponed, we know who to blame.

Boris Johnson’s delay in banning flights from India, where the most worrying Covid variant originated, jet-fuelled its spread.

The rise in cases is concerning but is not increasing hospital admissions or deaths.

Coronavirus signage in Bolton town centre
Hospital admissions and deaths are not increasing

The NHS reports that “very, very few” patients admitted with the virus are double-jabbed, so the vaccination programme works.

With the Government still looking at making NHS and care jobs dependent on vaccination, it should remember that persuasion and education are better than coercion.

The truth is that even existing vacancies can’t be filled, never mind creating new ones.

Dreaded bliss

Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson in the garden of 10 Downing Street after their wedding on Saturday
Boris Johnson and Carrie Johnson in the garden of 10 Downing Street after their wedding on Saturday

Controversy follows Boris Johnson everywhere, even down the aisle to his secret wedding on Saturday.

The answer to disgruntled Catholics asking why the twice-divorced Prime Minister was allowed to marry for a third time in Westminster Cathedral is that it was his first wedding within the faith. The previous two were not.

The more pressing question for most people is whether Johnson paid for his own wedding.

If a wealthy friend covered any of the bill, their identity and the amount should be made public, to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

That a significant number of voters even wondered about the cost is a shadow cast by Johnson’s previous unacceptable behaviour.

Real values

How reassuring that most of us would prefer to be remembered as a good friend rather than for success or wealth.

Because relationships matter more than earnings and career… though a well-paying job is more likely to foster happiness than never having two pennies to rub together.


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