‘I won’t give toys to my badly behaved nephew – his parents say I’m unreasonable’

A man on Reddit said he refused to let his nephew take home one of his son’s toys and the boy’s parents blamed him for the “three-hour tantrum” he had as a result

Two young boys playing with a toy truck. One boy is wearing a blue shirt and the other is wearing a green t-shirt.
The man refused to give his nephew a toy that belonged to his son (stock image)

As a parent, there are few things that are more stressful than trying to remain calm when your child throws a tantrum.

And even though we know we shouldn’t give in, sometimes it’s just easier to do so – especially at a family gathering.

But one man on Reddit has said he refused to budge when his brother asked him if his four-year-old son could take home a toy truck that belonged to the man’s own two-year-old son.

The man, from the US, explained he knew his nephew would have a tantrum if he didn’t get to keep the toy, but he didn’t want to reinforce the idea that crying and screaming is the way to getting what you want.

He was accused of causing the kid to throw a three-hour tantrum (stock image)


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He said: “We hosted Thanksgiving at my place. My brother, his wife, and their four-year-old son were among the guests.

“As people were leaving, my brother asked if my nephew could take home one of my two-year-old son’s toy trucks. My nephew had been playing with it nonstop since they arrived and wanted to keep it. My brother said that he’d replace the toy if I told him where I got it.

“I told my brother that I’d be happy to give him a link to the store where I bought it, but I would not give him the toy then and there.

“I refused for two reasons: Firstly, my brother and my sister-in-law have a terrible habit of giving my nephew everything he asks for. He is way too old for that. Secondly, I don’t want to reinforce in my nephew that it’s OK to just take things he wants.

“My brother said that my nephew would throw a tantrum if he didn’t get the toy then and there and that everything would be easier if I just let him take the toy and get sent a replacement in the mail.”

The man put his foot down, and sure enough, his nephew threw a tantrum and began “shrieking inconsolably” until his parents eventually had to take him home.

And the man then got an “angry text” from his brother saying the youngster screamed and cried for three hours after the incident – and the man’s brother even blamed him for his son’s behaviour.

He wrote: “My brother said that the tantrum was my fault since it would have been completely avoided if I’d just given my nephew the toy. He also accused me of ‘backseat parenting’ since in his words it’s not my place to set an example for his son.

“My wife also thinks we should have just handed the toy over to make things easier, especially since our son has a ton of toys and is not particularly attached to that specific truck.

“I still maintain that it’s well within my rights to set an example for my nephew even if it goes against my brother’s parenting style of coddling their son and that the tantrum is 100% a result of their terrible parenting habits.”

And commenters on Reddit also slammed the man’s brother for being too quick to give in to their son’s demands.

One person wrote: “Your nephew needs boundaries. Good on you for establishing them at your house.”

While another said: “They are awful parents. The reason their kid threw a fit is because they give in every time the kid throws a fit.”

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