I was fined £100 for parking even though ticket machine was out of order

FRUSTRATED drivers were slapped with a £100 fine simply for using a car park when the pay machine was reportedly out of order.

Despite the angry motorists leaving notes on their cars explaining that they tried to pay, Claire Lambert was one of the drivers left with the hefty parking charge notices anyway at Halifax Place pay and display in Lace Market, Nottingham.

Claire Lambert was issued with the £100 parking fine despite the car park's pay machine being out of order


Claire Lambert was issued with the £100 parking fine despite the car park’s pay machine being out of orderCredit: BPM
Numerous tickets were issued after frustrated drivers couldn't pay to use the car park in Nottingham


Numerous tickets were issued after frustrated drivers couldn’t pay to use the car park in NottinghamCredit: BPM

The tickets were said to have been issued on Saturday, January 15 by the private land’s owner, CPS Midlands Ltd, as annoyed car owners reportedly left their phone numbers on their parked cars so they could be contacted to pay.

Claire, 51, an admin manager from Gedling, Nottinghamshire, was issued the £100 fine for using the car park for only 30 minutes that weekend and is appealing her fine.

Claire said: “It’s where I usually park, it’s close to where I want to be which is the Marks and Spencer. It’s small and convenient – I use it often.

“I parked at 12pm and came back at 12:30pm to a parking charge.

“I was more upset because you feel like you’re being scammed. It isn’t right.

“Before I went I looked at all the other notes on the car and thought it must be okay – obviously they all got ticketed aswell.”

She appealed the notice on the following Monday and is due to hear back about whether she’ll be forced to pay the additional charge.

Claire added: “At the end of the day they might not admit to it but it’s just annoying.

“Hopefully they’ll come back and say sorry. I just want it sorted.”

Carol Denunzio, 59, a retired midwife from Derby, also used the car park to go shopping in Nottingham that weekend.

Carol said: “We’ve parked there before and never had any problems, it’s been convenient, it’s great.

“We parked at 10.30am and the pay machine wasn’t in use.

“We wrote a note on the windscreen – no one tried to call us, we were very shocked.

“I think it’s just really mean – I don’t know if we will use it in the future. Once bitten, twice shy.”

Drivers can still be hit with the parking charge notice even if there’s no way to pay, but there are some cases the penalty could be cancelled.

Citizens Advice say the fine can be cancelled but only if there’s absolutely no other way to pay to park on the private land.

They said that the fine won’t be cleared if there is another, working, machine nearby – so they urge drivers to double-check before parking without paying.

It’s also advised that you take pictures for evidence, just in case you are left with the hefty fine.

Drivers should take a photo of the broken machine’s to prove that they couldn’t pay, as this evidence may be exactly what you need to successfully appeal your fine.

An investigation by The Sun found that more than half of motorists have successfully appealed parking tickets from local councils, in 2020.

After calling the contact details given at the site, users were told the car park was sublet to a company called CPS Midlands Ltd.

A spokesperson for CPS Midlands Ltd declined to comment on the incidents.

Claire said she's appealing the ticket but feels like she's been scammed.


Claire said she’s appealing the ticket but feels like she’s been scammed.Credit: BPM
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