I used to work in a cinema – these are the nightmare customers we faced daily someone even threatened to kill me once

RETAIL workers, current and former, have taken to TikTok to share some of their bizarre customer experiences.

Now, one TikTok user is sharing some of the strange customer interactions she had when working in a cinema.

Amanda has detailed some of the bizarre customer interactions she had while working at the cinema


Amanda has detailed some of the bizarre customer interactions she had while working at the cinemaCredit:
One customer threatened her and another called her a "little b****"


One customer threatened her and another called her a “little b****”Credit:

Amanda, who posts to the video-sharing app as @continentalbreakfast, says she worked in her local cinema for nine years, and it was here that she dealt with some truly nightmarish customers.

Amanda says that her first nightmarish customer interaction occurred just seven months after she started the job, and led to the customer complaining to her supervisor and calling her a “disgrace.”

The cinema she worked in had two kiosks on either side of the foyer, with one being for ticks, kids meals, popcorn and other snacks, while the one Amanda was working on was just for coffee, ice cream and pick ‘n’ mix.

This caused one mum to kick off after she went to pay at the wrong kiosk, after going to the right one and complaining that she hadn’t been served at the other one, she then accused Amanda of being hungover and called her a “little b****.”

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In another video she details how while working during a red weather warning, a number of screenings had to be cancelled as the films themselves hadn’t arrived, with the delivery driver being stuck on the motorway due to snow.

This caused one customer to start complaining that this wasn’t acceptable and moaning that they’d had to drive all the way to the cinema just to be turned away – ignoring that the red warning meant they should only have gone out for emergencies.

And on a different occasion, one customer actually tried to punch the branch manager and threatened to kill Amanda.

The man, and his apparent girlfriend, had arrived to watch Piranha 3D, an 18.

Amanda says that she recognised the girl, who was in her sister’s class and who was definitely under 18, while the man appeared to be older. 

When asked for ID, they obviously failed to provide this and were offered a refund for the tickets and popcorn they had purchased.

The couple then began to kick off, and ended up storming off and going into the screen anyway.

Amanda warned them that she would have to report this to her manager and that they would be escorted out after the other customers were seated, which is ultimately exactly what ended up happening.

Given the threatening behaviour they were then refused a refund and received a lifetime ban from the cinema.

In the comment sections of Amanda’s videos, other people have been sharing their own nightmare customer experiences.

One wrote: “Working at a theme park on Christmas Day, a woman yelled at me for not being with my family. Ma’am, I’d be with my family if you weren’t here with yours.”

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“Someone told me they hoped my parents died of cancer because I would not refund her popcorn THAT SHE HAD ALREADY EATEN!” wrote another TikToker.

While a third added: “A customer SCREAMED at me on black Friday that we didn’t have the sweater in our ad.. I asked to see it. It was a Macy’s ad. I don’t work at Macy’s.”


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