'I thought I'd found my dream flat – but noisy neighbours are ruining it for me'

A woman has shared how she recently bought her ‘dream’ flat in Kensington but has found the property to be a nightmare – as her neighbours are so noisy it makes her floors shake

A woman looking up at her ceiling with two pillows to her ears as she battles with noisy neighbours
The woman claims her walls and floors shake when her neighbours play music (stock image)

Have you ever stumbled across the perfect property and wondered if there’s a catch? Maybe there’s a secret damp problem, or there’s an electrical fault, or the floorboards creak?

One woman on Mumsnet has discovered the importance of doing extra research before you splash the cash on a new home, after she bought a pricey flat in Kensington, London, only to find the property was too good to be true.

The woman explained her new property is in a mansion block and she lives on the top floor, but the “sought after” home has one major flaw – her neighbours are so noisy they make her walls and floors “shake”.

She said: “I recently bought what I thought was my dream flat in Kensington. For the past 14 years, I have worked hard and saved most of my money. I finally got on a property ladder with my partner (soon to be husband).

She is planning to spend another $15k on soundproofing to make her dream home perfect (stock image)


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“We had been renting a very similar type of place for the past three years and had a very good experience – no noise from neighbours, no disasters in the flat, no leaks, generally no problems.

“Turns out my new dream flat in a ‘sought after and prestigious mansion block’ has got zero sound insulation. There are neighbour noises (such as hearing the TV and talking) coming from right, left, and below.”

And it’s not just the everyday chatter she can hear from her neighbours, as the woman also lamented having a “very loud” gas meter in one of the bedrooms, as well as one set of neighbours who love nothing more than blasting drum and bass music.

She added: “The neighbours below are fans what seems to be drum and bass and I hear bass noise coming from their place every day. Said neighbours make my floor and walls shake when they walk – is this a structural fault? I can be sitting in my bed or on a sofa and it literally shakes.

“There is also a gas meter in a cupboard of one of the bedrooms which makes a very loud ticking sound every two seconds, again so loud and amplified. It would be impossible to sleep there or work while heating is on or someone turns hot water on.”

The woman then stated she also hears constant noise from helicopters thanks to the heliport in Battersea and is “spiralling into paranoia” because of the various noises she has to contend with every day.

She noted that she and her partner plan on putting down new floors with better soundproofing but are concerned about spending more than £15,000 on renovations that may not solve the problems.

She explained: “We are meant to be putting down new floors with soundproofing, but given that the neighbours play drum and bass I think the sound will travel through walls and chimneys anyway.

“I don’t want to be here, it’s a complete disaster. I am now paranoid about every sound and movement.

“Any advice please? Do I move? Wait? Do I even bother changing the floors and spending £15k+ only to discover no noise change?”

Commenters on Mumsnet were split over the woman’s predicament, with some saying she should speak to her neighbours first and others insisting it’s time to “cut her losses” and move.

One person wrote: “Speak to your new neighbours, ask them how much noise they hear from others around them. If they have it just as bad I wouldn’t invest loads of money and get rid ASAP.”

While another said: “I’d cut your losses and sell, life is too short. I wouldn’t spend the money on insulation.”

And a third posted: “Speak to the neighbours and ask if they’ve had the same issues and ask how they’ve resolved it. It would also be a not so subtle hint to them.”

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