'I think the name I've chosen for my daughter is ugly but hopefully it will grow on me'

A mum has shared how she’s found the perfect nickname for her child, the only problem is that she’s not keen on the full version of the moniker she has to put on the birth certificate

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She’s not sure if the name is ‘ugly’ or not (stock photo)

What do you do when you fall in love with a nickname for your unborn child, but think the full version of the name is rather ugly?

This is the question one mum has posed to the internet, after deciding she wants to call her baby girl Winnie.

In a post on Mumsnet, the unnamed parent tells how she “adores” the nickname Winnie as it’s one of her “all-time favourite names”, but she still wants her child to have a longer, full moniker on her birth certificate, to match her siblings.

The problem is, she’s not sure if the name Winifred is “horribly ugly” or not.

She writes: “Is this name horribly ugly? Winifred.

“I KNOW it’s a bit ugly. But I like it anyway. And Winnie is one of my all-time favourite girl’s names.

The name Winifred divided fellow parents (stock photo)


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“I don’t want to use nicknames on birth certificates mainly because my other children have long, full names, so using just Winnie would seem a little insubstantial in comparison. But is Winifred TOO ugly?

“I love that it’s a saint name. I ADORE that she can be Winnie. But part of me still thinks the full name is just too much.”

The parent goes on to say that she’s hopeful the name might grow on her in the future.

She continues: “Is Winifred like… a Dorothy or Edith of a name? These names both sounded awful when I first heard them, but they started to grow on me as they got more popular and now they´re more familiar-sounding and I know beautiful little girls with these names, and it’s saved the names for me. I love them both now!

“Or is Winifred a Gertrude of a name – eternally ugly and never ready for a comeback?”

More than 240 people responded to the mum’s post, with many torn over the name.

Some people agreed. it was too ugly and suggested she just use Winnie or opt for different names like Ellowyn, Gwendolyn or Bronwyn to shorten.

One person said: “I wouldn’t like to be called Winifred and I think it’s worse than Dorothy or Edith. I’d put Winnie on the birth certificate.”

Another wrote: “My mum is Winifred and she said it was awfully dated when she was a child. She was named for her great aunt who was born in the 19th century! I don’t think it will ever be a name that comes back so I wouldn’t do it to a child. However Winnie is ok, well my mum rocks it so maybe I’m just used to it, but I would choose that as a stand-alone if you really want it.”

A third posted: “Winnie is nice on its own. What about Ellowyn or Winter? Winter is a bit s**t but not as s**t as Winifred.”

However, others didn’t mind the name Winifred, with someone else saying: “I think Winnifred is better than Winnie – don’t put just Winne on the birth certificate! It’s OK verbally, but written down it just makes me want to add, ‘the Pooh’.”

And a different user added: “I personally like Winifred but I’m not British and Winnie sounds lovely.”

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