'I picked my baby's name while high on gas and air – husband won't let me change it'

A new mum has admitted she hates the name she picked for her baby, after struggling to make a decision for months and making a rash choice while ‘high on gas and air’

Young woman enduring labor pains in hospital
The mum was ‘high on gas and air’ when she picked the name (stock photo)

Some parents have had their children’s names picked out for years, while other mums and dads-to-be spend months deliberating the choice and still don’t have a favourite when their bundle of joy is born.

This was the case for one new mum who recently gave birth.

Taking to Mumsnet, the anonymous parent shared a heartbreaking confession, admitting she “hates” the name she’s selected for her baby.

In a post on the site’s baby name section, the unnamed woman shared how she’d struggled to pick a name for her daughter but randomly settled on a name while “high on gas and air” in the hospital.

She explained that she picked the name ‘Billie’ for her little girl, but a few hours later regretted the choice.

She now feels “stuck” with it as the rest of her family love it.

She feels ‘stuck’ with the name (stock photo)


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Her post reads: “High on gas and air giving birth I told hubby I’m calling her Billie (this was after months of us struggling to agree on a name).

“He said I can live with that then promptly messages his mother to tell her the news.

“An hour later she is texting me saying she loves the name and it made her well up as it was her dad’s nickname.

“A few hours later when I’m on my own I decide I hate the name. Now I’m stuck with it.”

The mum added: “When I brought her home my two other children kept saying her name and it makes me cringe.”

Dozens of people have since responded to the post, with many sharing their thoughts on her situation.

Some urged her to change the name if she didn’t like it, with one person saying: “It can be her middle name. Or a nickname.”

Another wrote: “You’re obviously not stuck with it, just change it. No one will think anything of it.”

The woman then replied to this comment claiming she was indeed stuck, proclaiming: “I am! Hubby says tough you can’t change it and I would feel bad for his mother.”

This angered users who weren’t impressed with her husband’s behaviour.

“Your husband isn’t your boss… and he was very stupid to do what he did, tbh,” responded someone else.

A different user added: “Billie as a nickname? Nicknames don’t have to bear any relation to someone’s actual name (as I know from experience). Or just scrap Billie completely if you dislike it.

“Your husband doesn’t get to unilaterally make decisions about your child. She is both of yours, not just his. Your mother-in-law can deal with whatever you call your child, she already had the chance to name her own child, after all. Your children will quickly adapt. Don’t let family members bully you, you had just given birth, you shouldn’t be beholden to things you said while exhausted and feeling the effects of medicine.”

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