'I paid for my dog to have surgery but not my mother – I can't afford both'

Sharing his story anonymously, a man said that he upset his family after refusing to contribute to his mother’s medical bills but gladly paid for his dog to have an operation when it was needed

Dog Gets Ear Examination By Vets
A man said he’d rather pay for his dog’s medical care than his mother’s

A man left his divided after refusing to help pay for his mother’s medical care – because he spent his money on his dog’s vet bills instead.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that he had been self-sufficient since he turned 18 and had received no support from his mum or dad in his entire adult life.

Then one day his mother became sick and needed an operation, and when his father called to ask him to chip in he refused, saying he didn’t want to touch his savings.

But now the family are divided, as a short while later the man’s dog needed an operation and he gladly paid for it – and his family said that was unfair.

The man’s father was upset by his choice


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Taking to Reddit, he said: “Me and my parents have monthly contact but nothing deep or below surface level.

“My mother has a mass that needs to be removed and I believe is cancerous. My parents have good health insurance but will still have significant out of pocket costs.

“My father called me and told me that they needed help with money, the whole ‘she’s your mother and would do the same for you’ talk.

“I did want to help but told him that I didn’t have the money readily available, only in my savings so I didn’t end up contributing and they got a loan I believe.

“Last week, my dog needed surgery to remove a foreign body she swallowed. It happened so fast I ended up using a large chunk of my savings to pay for it.

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“My father found out and called me awful names, and said I’d rather my mother die/be in debt and put an animals life over my own mother.

“I didn’t agree and have been ignoring his calls since, but other family members are messaging me because they think I don’t care if my mother lives or dies.”

After sharing his story online, the man received messages of support from other Reddit users who said he was in the right for spending his savings on his dog.

One said: “Your dog is your dependent. Your parents are not.

“While I’m all about supporting family these people effectively raised you until 18 and then waved you off. They did the bare minimum, and I don’t know why they’re expecting more from you.”

Then a second added: “Your saving is there for your emergencies, not your parents.

“And where was that, ‘she’s your mother and would do the same for you’ when you were starting out? Had you wiped out your saving for your mum, I doubt they would have helped out when you needed money for your dog.”

And a third wrote: “The animal that can’t take care of itself, that you’ve committed to caring for, always wins out over the mother who only took care of you as long as was legally necessary.

“Even if you didn’t have a dog, there’s no shame about prioritising your financial well-being! Don’t feel guilty at all.”

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