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I long for a late-night visit to an art gallery, the perfect sober evening option | Hannah Jane Parkinson

Pre-pandemic, a visit to Tate Modern near to closing time was one of my most calming and pleasurable pursuits

Pre-pandemic, one of my most calming and pleasurable pursuits was visiting Tate Modern near to closing time, which on Fridays and Saturdays was 10pm. In Stockholm, where some galleries are open 24 hours, I have enjoyed visits in the tiny hours of the morning. I am sure some people think such opening hours are excessive, but to a culture-loving insomniac they are a blessing. Now, as evenings get lighter, and venues open up again, I can’t wait to be back at galleries during their late-night sessions.

Dropping in during quiet times takes the experience back to what might still be the stereotypical idea of visiting a gallery (languidly walking around, somewhat pretentiously pondering) but which usually is an experience squeezed out by masses of tourists and gift shops sometimes larger than the exhibitions.

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