'I genuinely believed I was hideous but then realised I shouldn't hide': This empowering psoriasis account is giving us life

A chronic auto-immune disease which causes scaly and thick patches of skin, psoriasis often appears on elbows and knees, and face. In fact, it can happen anywhere there is skin.

As well as its physical symptoms, the disease can also cause self-esteem issues, affecting confidence and raising stress levels.

Which is why we have a lot of time for Michelle Nyasha’s account, where she honestly documents the skin condition in her stories and posts, explaining exactly what psoriases is and how she deals with it.

She says in an Insta story post, saved in her highlights under the heading ‘Psoriasis’: “For about 20 years I genuinely believed I was hideous and should always keep myself covered. Even though it’s not a pretty sight, I’ve learnt to accept that it’s a part of me and I shouldn’t hide.”

Documenting both her highs and lows, Michelle, who goes by the handle of @lordmich, also talks her followers through the medication and treatments she has in order to alleviate her symptoms.

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She says: “I really struggled with not editing these pictures. I found many imperfections but I had to ask myself why, why do you think your visible pores/Psoriasis are imperfections? Then I thought well damn, society…y’all won. I’m really working on unlearning a lot of beliefs that are rooted in crazy unattainable societal norms.”

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As well as talking about the journey she has been on with the disease, she also shares makeup and techniques she uses to cover her psoriasis.

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And while some may find the appearance of the skin condition a mental hindrance, stopping them from doing the things they love, that hasn’t stopped Michelle from living her best life.

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Michelle’s honest account of her experiences help shed a light behind the often misunderstood illness. Her posts also celebrate the moments her skin is clear, busting any preconceptions people may have about the condition.

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Speaking about the recent Face Equality Week, she said: “I’m so happy to live in a time where something like “face equality week” exists. Growing up with psoriasis was hard enough but when I started to get it on my face, it felt like my world was falling apart. Fast forward to now, 2021 where makeup for me is a choice and something I do for fun. Not because I have to cover up something I’m ashamed of.”

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We like to see it, Michelle.


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