'I fed my niece's inedible cake to the dog – now my sister is furious'

A woman has found herself in her sister’s bad books after choosing to feed her six-year-old niece’s cake, having not believed her baking masterpiece to be edible

Dog eating cake (Stock Photo)
She’d assumed it would just make for a funny story one day, but her sister was “livid” (Stock Photo)

As much as we may love the children in our lives, their kitchen creations can sometimes fall a fair bit short of the standards shown in The Great British Bake Off tent.

One aunt recently spent a fun afternoon baking with her six-year-old niece while her sister took her younger child to the doctor, rustling up a cake for the little girl’s dad’s birthday.

The youngster was super proud and excited to tell her mum when she came to collect her, and her mother was equally thrilled with her enthusiastic attempt.

However, as much as the aunt enjoyed looking after her niece, she didn’t think the cake looked too appetising, or even edible, and decided to just feed it to the dog and slyly swap it for a new cake instead.

She didn’t think this would be too much of a big deal, even imagining it would be a funny story to tell her niece once she was old enough. Unfortunately, after admitting to her sister what she’d done, it became apparent she may have made a faux pas.

She didn’t see any harm in swapping the cake for a more edible one (Stock Photo)


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Explaining her situation on Reddit, the guilty aunt wrote: “Needless to say, the cake didn’t turn out good. Ingredients weren’t mixed properly. Proportions were wrong.

“I baked a new cake with the same recipe and pan. When she came over the next day, I presented the new cake as the one she had made, and she decorated it, again, she wanted to by herself. But sloppy frosting tastes just as good as neat, and is cuter anyway.”

The night before her brother-in-law’s party, the aunt – who goes by the humorous username u/EvilCakeWitch1 – ended up confessing all to her sister during a phone chat. Sadly, she didn’t see the funny side.

She continued: “She mentioned how it’s incredible her daughter’s first attempt at baking turned out perfect. I laughed and told her the truth, knowing that my sister would keep the secret from my niece or anyone who could tell her, because she’s the mum.

“I figured she would think the story was charming and something to tell niece when she’s an adult and star baker as a funny childhood anecdote.”

Instead, her sister was left positively “livid” following this revelation, and demanded to know what she’d done with the original cake. Needless to say, she didn’t exactly cool off after learning it had ended up in the dog bowl and ended up hanging up.

Now the confused aunt has reached out to fellow Reddit users to try and figure out whether she was indeed somehow in the wrong, having previously seen no issue with her secret swap.

One person advised: “It’s a totally harmless thing that will make for a funny story in the future. Don’t know how good it is for the dog to eat a whole cake, but no, at the end of the day, it’s not a big deal.”

Another wrote: “If I was your sister, I’d be awestruck at what an amazing aunt my child has. I’m not but I still believe that you are awesome and not just for the fact you had all the ingredients, at hand, to make not one but two cakes from scratch.”

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