'I ended my date when I saw skid marks in his boxers, then he tried to sue me'

Many of us have experienced a rubbish date over the years.

Maybe they didn’t look like they promised, had a stingy nature or were just an awful person to be around.

But one woman has the story to end all bad date stories – and it really takes the biscuit.

Podcaster Emily Mackinnon went viral after sharing her nightmare date experience – who didn’t seem to have any winning attributes.

Not only did her former Tinder match have terrible hygiene, but he also tried to sue her because she didn’t want to have sex with him.

In one of her opening videos, she explained said: “So we matched on Tinder. He was a law student at the time.

Emily McKinnon
Emily shared her ‘bad date’ story

letter from lawyers
She shared a copy of the letter

“We went back to his place. It was implied that we were gonna hook up, but I never explicitly stated that.”

After they started hooking up back at his flat, things quickly turned sour and fizzled out.

“When I tell you it was a sight. It was a f***ing sight,’ Emily continued on her podcast.

“There were trails. There was a vague bad smell. I had to get the f*** out. Evacuate. Abort Mission.”

She continued: “I was upwind and I still smelled something… There was, like, skid marks in his undies, and he had not washed in a long time.”

Unsurprisingly, they didn’t see each other again – but Emily did end up hearing from him again, through a legal letter.

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She said: “I left and a few days later, he had paid someone to serve me with papers to, like, sue me for breaking a verbal contract.

“But it’s okay. I fixed it because he had spent a bunch of the time telling me about how his dad’s lawyer, so I made an appointment with his dad and just like told on him to his dad.”

After this, things seemed like they had resolved – until Emily claims she received another legal letter for speaking about the incident on her podcast.

In comments, she said she had taken the letter to a lawyer and was told he wouldn’t be able to pursue the claim.

“The lawyer I talked to pretty much laughed at this,” she wrote. “It’s very not legit so I’m not concerned in the least that it’s going to go anywhere.

“I called his law firm and this was apparently something he did “one his own time” and should have had the law firm logo on it.”

Emily’s podcast ‘Been There Bestie’ is available on Spotify and Apple.


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