I bought a lottery ticket with the girls at the gym and now we’ve scooped $80million… I’m going to buy a new caravan

A LUCKY woman bought a lottery ticket with the girls at her gym – and ended up scooping a whopping $80million.

Gym owner Sue, one of 55 women who are now $1.5million richer after putting just $5 each into the draw, plans to use the life-changing cash to buy a caravan.

The girls at Curves Heathridge in Perth ended up nabbing the entire $80million jackpot


The girls at Curves Heathridge in Perth ended up nabbing the entire $80million jackpotCredit: 7News

Some of the women were out enjoying at Christmas meal at an Italian restaurant last night when the winning numbers were drawn.

The girls at Curves Heathridge in Perth ended up nabbing the entire $80million Powerball jackpot – one of the biggest winnings from any Australian lottery game this year.

Sue told 7News: “One of the lady’s husbands rang and said, ‘you’ve got all the numbers in the draw’. We got the ticket out, and we checked the numbers off and they were all there.

“It was a bit chaotic for a little while, and then everyone was in denial… and I rang LotteryWest and they confirmed it that we were the one winner in Australia of $80 million.

“The women were crying and laughing, some were in shock. I can’t even explain it, it was just amazing, a surreal feeling.”

After realising they had won the big bucks, one of the winners said: “Absolutely unreal. That is fantastic, that is life-changing.”

Sue added: “I really feel blessed that I bought this ticket and I’m able to share this $80 million with 55 amazing women that I work with every day and it means so much to all of us.

“I’ve been Santa Clause this morning, I’ve been able to ring all these people and say you’ve just won one and a half million dollars, it’s been a great morning.”

A handful of clients at the gym opted out of entering the draw and lost out on a share of the millions.

But Sue said the cash will be “life-changing” for the 55 women who did scoop the top prize.

The lucky women all have different ideas for what do with the new-found cash.

Sue plans to pay her mortgage off and finally own her house – and then she wants to buy a caravan for a “nice holiday”.

Sue said she will be going “to the bank and pay my mortgage off, it’s going to be very nice to own my house”.

“After that probably a caravan and a nice holiday – around West Australia unfortunately, hopefully one day we’ll be able to travel a bit further,” she added.

“It’s life-changing for me, and life-changing for all of these ladies.”

Sue, who lost her mum last December and whose husband was recently made redundant, said the cash “has taken all that worry away for us”.

“We were starting to get a little bit worried about what the future was holding for us so this has taken all that away now. We don’t have to worry anymore, life’s good,” she said.

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