How to make cute Christmas cartoon photos of your family for Facebook

People are always participating in bizarre trends on social media, but the latest fad on Facebook is actually quite sweet.

You might have noticed members of your family or some of your friends sharing cartoon photos of their loved ones and pets, cosied up in front of a Christmas scene.

These are being set as cover photos and profile photos on the social network, reports Manchester Evening News.

If you’re wondering where they’ve been getting the festive animations from and wishing you could make one for yourself, then you’re in luck as there’s actually a very simple way you can do that.

The images are generated on MadeMine gift website

The cute cartoons are being made on a site called MadeMine.

This is a website where people can personalise their own gifts, such as Christmas mugs.

For these mugs, you can select the number of people and pets in your family, add names and change hair colour to create something that looks true to life.

The mugs have proved so popular that the website now allows anyone who buys one to have the image from the mug sent to their email to download and keep, for a small additional cost.

A spokesperson for MadeMine, said: “You can place the order on our website to have the digital picture sent to your email, and to share it on your Facebook page.

“Enjoy your customisation process.”

For those keen to buy one, the mug is currently in the Black Friday sale, reduced from £30.85 to £18.64 (plus an extra £2.32 for the digital download).

As the website is based in the US, you’ll probably also have to factor in shipping and customs fees as well.

For more design options and to make your own image, visit


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