How to have a New Year’s Eve Zoom party that’s actually good

We can do better than just ‘making the most of it’ (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Zoom parties were all the rage earlier in the year, but overexposure led to them feeling so eight months ago.

During the first lockdown, most of us had at least one virtual quiz a week in a bid to stay in touch with family and various friendship groups.

Soon enough, they went from a fun new activity to decidedly unchic and wildly tiring, with Zoom fatigue liable to send us straight to bed after an hour spent pretending not to stare at our own faces.

With the pandemic and the Government’s tiers still keeping most of us from partying in person however, New Year’s Eve will see many of us with no other option than to spend time with loved ones through a screen that night.

If that sounds like you, do not fret because we’ve put together some tips – with the help of a party planner – on how to throw a virtual New Year’s Eve party that is actually enjoyable rather than just taxing.


Jess Martin, expert party planner at Ginger Ray said: ‘Sometimes, you need a little more than 2D celebrations to really get the groove going!

‘Switching up your ordinary home-office decor and adding some NYE trinkets, such as glittery desk wear, a metallic mouse and some balloons can really help pull the party off the screen and into reality.’

Jess said: ‘Sometimes, you need a little more than 2D celebrations to really get the groove going!’ (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Play games

Rather than opting for the relentless pressure of making conversation while staring at nothing but each other’s faces for three hours, try adding games to the mix.

Sure, there’s the tried and tested quiz format, but to mix it up with a board game like Trivial Pursuit all you need is one trustworthy person to move the pieces around the board and read the questions to the others.

Something classic like charades doesn’t require anything other than a talent for mime, and there are plenty of online games you can play remotely while you chat.

Take breaks

If you think you guys might start feeling Zoom fatigue before midnight, try scheduling some breaks.

Counselling Directory member Laura Vowels previously told ‘People could help fatigue by limiting the time they’re on Zoom at any given time and making sure to get up every once in a while.’

Get people involved with cocktail making (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Commemorate with cocktails

Jess suggests having the virtual gathering be a communal cocktail making class to get everyone involved in the celebrations.

She said: ‘If you’re feeling daring and want to lead the cocktail making session on the call, you could even try a few nifty tricks and test out your mixologist skills.

‘Make your drinks that little bit extra by adding a showstopper decoration, such as a sparkler!’

Dress up

‘There’s nothing quite like the New Year’s Eve party get-up,’ says Jess. By getting glammed up and dripping head to toe in glitter you’ll forget you’re in your living room rather than out on the town in no time!

‘If you really don’t fancy slipping into something silky and sparkly, then make sure you have some fun loungewear options to separate the night apart from the many others we’ve spent inside. Or, why not opt for some glam jam’s like a satin set or sleek two piece?’

Try a more intimate virtual party

Laura previously recommended keeping the invite count down of you want to avoid Zoom fatigue, telling us: ‘Normally if we’re in a party, people quite quickly form smaller groups in which they’re chatting. This may be 1:1 or a few people at the most.

‘In larger group hangouts, only one person can talk at a time and everyone else is looking at that one person. It is not possible for multiple people to talk simultaneously as you can only hear one person. If you want to say something, you will need to wait for your turn and even then, someone else might jump in before you get an opportunity to do so and no one even knew you had something to say.’

So if you want everyone to have the stamina to keep the party going, try keeping the guest list small.

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