How to get a cast of your bum made, as Frankie Bridge admits buying one for her husband on I’m A Celeb

Frankie bared all on how she bared all for the cast (Pictures: ITV/ Rex/Everlasting Castings)

If you’ve been keeping up with this year’s I’m A Celebrity, you’ll know all about Naughty Boy’s hatred of crickets and Arlene Phillips mistaking her pregnancy for menopause.

You’ll also be privy to the knowledge that Frankie Bridge bought husband Wayne a to-scale cast of her derriere.

Chatting to fellow contestants during some downtime, the former Saturday revealed how the unique gift came about, as well as the ins and outs of how such a thing gets made.

Frankie said to her campmates: ‘I got Wayne a cast of my arse. He used to say it as a joke back when he was playing football – what do you buy someone who has everything?

‘He always used to be like, “I just want a cast of your arse…” so one year I was like, “Fine that’s what you’re getting.”’

Explaining the process, she continued: ‘You literally have to bend over and this guy literally has to slap all of this stuff on. I was literally having to bend over like this [mimics bending over a table] while he did it… it’s like papier-mâché… slapping it all on.’

The artistic representation of Frankie’s behind is kept on the wall in her and ex-footballer Wayne’s home, although she does her best to keep it out of Zoom backgrounds and photos.

Unbeknownst to Frankie, Wayne decided to change that, sharing a photograph of the cast on his wife’s Twitter account. And though the work garnered some perplexed responses from followers, plenty more were keen to nab the idea.

If you’re among those looking for a posterior-themed present this Christmas, a cast of your bum (or other body part they love) is sure to get your giftee smiling.

Body casting can be done at home using a papier-mâché technique, although unless you have the materials already at home it’s usually more economical to buy a kit.

Kits can be bought online for an at-home butt mould (Picture: Everlasting Castings)

The Deluxe Adult Body Casting Kit from Everlasting Castings costs just £24.99, including all the tools you need to make your own replica rump. Add a decor pack – with paint to finish it off – for £10.

Alternatively – if you want something more high-end or can’t face the mess – make like Frankie and opt for an artist’s commission.

This will understandably cost more and you may need to bare all in front of the artist, but you save yourself the fuss of completing the original cast and can opt for different finishes and materials.

Brighton Body Casting charges £500 for a bum cast in plaster, while resin costs £650 and bronze options range from £900 to £3,200. There’s a 20% extra fee for larger bums, so bear this in mind if you’re blessed in that department.

A mould of just the buttocks costs £365 at Rockabelly in Kent, with a shaped model (for example, one that looks like a love heart) priced at £575.

Always get a quote first, as the sculptor can give you accurate pricing based on your specifications.

And perhaps get someone to check your bum for pimples beforehand. It may be your rear end, but you can still get its best side as it’s immortalised in plaster.

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