How to do the windmill sex position and level up your sex life

The spinning motion hits those interior walls (Picture: Getty)

Normally if someone whirls their penis around like the blades of a helicopter, it’s for comedic effect.

But there’s a way to take the adolescent humour of the ‘helicopter’ and make it work for you in the bedroom; the windmill sex position.

The position has its roots in the Kama Sutra, where it’s called the Windmill’s Blade (it’s also known as the passion propeller position).

It’s a complicated one, but can feel mind-blowing once you get the hang of it, with various spots being hit by the circular motions. The lack of eye contact heightens the sense of touch, too.

The windmill is based on one partner receiving and another giving. If neither of you has a penis, the receiver should wear a strap-on to make it work.

You can make adjustments based on your accessibility needs, but as it takes some co-ordination to get into it might not be best suited to those with low mobility.

If you want to give it a go, here’s what to do:

How to do the windmill position?

The best way to start getting into this position is for the receiver to lay on their back with their legs apart. This can be on the floor, bed, or wherever else (even a windmill if you can find one).

The giving partner faces the receiver’s feet, but rather than getting into a 69, they should scoot down so their genitals are together.

From there, the giver penetrates their partner, keeping their legs on either side so the combined limbs look like the blades of a windmill.

In her book, Sex and The Perfect Lover, author Mabel Iam says this position – despite its difficulty – is worth it for the pleasure it can provide.

Once you’re in place, you should look roughly like this (Picture: Getty)

She writes, ‘the difference in sensation is remarkable: the clitoris and the labia are in full contact with the male pelvis and genital area,’ adding, ‘the most intense penetration is achieved through deep circular motions.’

That’s where the old helicopter move comes in. The giving partner should circle their hips, which will stimulate the vaginal (or anal) walls of their partner as they thrust.

The receiving partner can also move their open legs during sex, using a pedalling motion to guide their partner’s pace and get them to hit all the right spots.

Not to mention, give them a break from the simultaneous thrusting and hip-spinning.

As well as the physical benefits you’ll feel from the closeness of your genitals, there are psychological reasons for trying out the windmill. Because you can’t see each others’ faces, you’re forced to rely on touch and other senses, which can make for a passionate sexual encounter.

Some additionally might find that not facing each other helps them avoid ‘spectatoring’ in the bedroom, reducing any pressure to perform for their partner and allowing them to focus on their pleasure.

To upgrade the windmill position even further, remember the receiver’s hands are free, so they can easily engage in foot-play or anal stimulation with their partner. A pillow under the receiving partner’s hips also helps make the motion easier, with the added benefit of deeper penetration.

You can choose to follow the Urban Dictionary definition and helicopter afterwards as a final flourish… but we can’t promise the reaction will be positive.

The aim here is closeness and a deeper connection with your partner, not getting a laugh in the changing rooms.

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