How to create your own personal budget: Tips to make a household spending plan

Rishi’s not the only one who needs to think about budgets (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

I want you to be like Rishi Sunak.

No, you don’t need to be a millionaire or have your own fancy personal branding. And you don’t have to agree with his politics.

All you need to do to emulate the Chancellor of the Exchequer this week is to do as he will be doing on Wednesday. That’s when he’ll reveal the government’s tax and spending policies in the latest Budget.

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to try to solve how we pay for the pandemic. Instead, I want you to produce your own spending plan. One that looks at your household finances.

The idea of a personal budget isn’t anything new, but with an ever increasing cost of living, even those who haven’t been hit with an income drop will be noticing a lower bank balance. And even if everything seems OK now, we’ve seen how fast things can change. Who knows what’s next around the corner?

Rishi Sunak will be releasing the autumn Budget on Wednesday Picture: Anthony Harvey/REX/Shutterstock)

So set aside an evening, grab a drink of choice, put on some music and settle down with your bank statements to take a proper look at where your money is going.

The basics require a list of all the money coming in and another list of all the expenses going out. Don’t forget to factor in those price hikes! Total up both lists and calculate the difference.

Are you spending more than you earn? That’s a clear warning to take action. Even a healthy surplus at the end of a month isn’t a reason to be complacent. You’re in a position to make your money work harder.

Taking it further you can break down the spending into categories: transport, food, going out, etc. The more the better. This will help you identify places you can cut back and prioritise where you want your money to go.

Use the free online MoneyHelper Budget Planner for handy reminders of what to include — it’ll also do the maths for you.

Once you have worked it all out, there is one more way you need to copy the chancellor: You need to tell the people it affects. Switch the despatch box for the kitchen table and gather the household around to go through everything.

Explain why you are making changes and share exactly why you are choosing one expense over another. For your spending plan to work, you will all need to be on board.

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