How Matt James Would Handle Some Classic Bachelor Scenarios

Matt James is about to begin his Bachelor journey for the very first time. 

Or, rather, we’re about to see it for the very first time. The franchise newbie makes his debut as the new Bachelor with tonight’s premiere, and we have a lot to learn about the 29-year-old looking for love. He probably also has a lot to learn, since he’s never been through this before. He’s never gotten out of a limo, or had to ask “Can I steal her for a sec?” He never once attended a rose ceremony before filming began, and viewers have never seen how he handles a bit of jealousy, or a fellow contestant picking a fight. We’re all just going into this a little blind. 

In an effort to get to know the guy a little bit, E! News had him weigh in on a few classic (or not so classic) Bachelor franchise scenarios to see how he might’ve handled them. What if two girls get into a fight over champagne? What if one of his finalists is in a relationship? What if he picks the wrong girl? 


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