How LUTH dey collect lodging moni from patients relatives, leave odas to sleep for corridor

Patient for LUTH

Nigeria Goment hospital LUTH for Lagos state dey collect moni from patients relatives to allow dem sleep for dia mothers hall, while pipo wey no fit pay dey sleep for open space facing cold and mosquito bites.

Dis dey come up after one video go viral for social media wey show were nursing mothers and women lie down for open space for hospital corridor dey complain of bad treatment by di hospital management.

Authorities for Lagos University Teaching Hospital don deny di report. Dem say dem no pursue di women from di lodging hall and dem surprise why di person wey post di video go post am.

Chairman Medical Advisory Committee CMAC Professor Wasiu Adeyemo tell BBC Pidgin say dem get rule for LUTH no dey gree make relatives stay all night with dia patients, sake of dat relatives (nursing mothers) go pay moni to stay for di extra hall or dem go sleep outside.

When BBC Pidgin visit di hospital, we see pipo both nursing mothers and visitors wey lie down for di corridor. Some of dem confirm say na dia dem dey sleep in di night wen dem no get moni to pay for space in di hall.

One nursing mother say “dem no dey allow me stay with my baby for night, so I pay to stay for di lodge so I fit attend to my baby wen dem need me”.

As at 8pm Nigeria time some patients relatives including mothers dey sleep for di corridor as di hospital no make provision for dem.

Our investigation show say di hospital dey maintain special private ward wey pipo fit pay big moni to stay togeda wit dia patients.

For document wey we see, patients fit pay between 300,000 to 750,000 Naira medical/ surgical deposit before dem go admit dem to stay wit dia relatives and enjoy special care for di private ward, poor man no fit stay for dia.

LUTH get 800 bed space but over 200 spaces no dey available sake of renovation wey dey go on dia, while dem use some portions dey attend to Covid19 patients.

Professor Wasiu Adeyemo say dia doctors and nurses dey take care of di patients so wetin relatives go dey do for di ward.

When we ask am weda dem get enough nurses and doctors to take care of all di patients as im claim e say “dis na Nigeria we no get evritin”.

E say “if you get space for 15 pipo and you allow relatives to come stay, na so di place go over full and dese patients need time to rest, so relatives suppose give dem space”.

Since dem no get enough hands to handle patients, why dem no wan relax di rules and allow allow relatives stay wit dia patients.

Patients’ relatives dey sleep for open spaces round di hospital sake of dis rule. Some dey carri dia own mosquito net come while others dey sleep like dat exposed to hash conditions.

LUTH follow for hospital wey follow manage Covid19 patients when di pandemic dey trend well well. Dem run 9000 and treat 600 Covid patients dis year alone.


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