How long after contracting Covid do symptoms show? What are the signs of long Covid?

The length of time it takes to recover from Covid will vary from person to person. Lots of people will feel better in a few days, particularly young people and those who have had the vaccine. For others, it may take a few weeks. So how long can you expect to feel the effects of the virus?

The NHS website says “most will make a full recovery within 12 weeks.”

But, some people can feel the effects of the virus for a longer period, this is known as “long Covid.”

The chances of experiencing long-term Covid symptoms don’t appear to be linked to how ill you were when you first contracted the virus.

Many Brits who may have had mild symptoms at first can still go on to have long-term Covid related problems.

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Experts believe more than two million Brits could have been affected in this way.

The NHS recommends if you have had persistent symptoms for four weeks or more after having Covid and are concerned about them, then you should contact your GP.

Your GP may then advise you to come in for an appointment so they can perform blood tests, check your blood pressure, and perhaps book an X-ray to rule out other health problems.

If you experience severe long Covid symptoms, you might be referred to a specialist rehabilitation service.


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