How exercise can ‘reverse effects of ageing’ and add 10 years to your life

Dean refers to research suggesting in addition to the established health benefits of exercise, it could also turn back the clock on ageing, and even add years to your life.

Dean says: “Research shows HIIT training restarts the energy enzyme within the muscle cells, effectively reversing the effects of ageing.

“Additionally, a DNA study found exercise lengthens telomeres, an indicator of lifespan, adding, on average, an incredible 10 years.

“It’s true to say, therefore, exercise can not only put years on your life but will also put life in your years, even if you’re currently not active.”

This should certainly be enough to inspire you to get off the sofa and get moving, but even with the best of intentions, exercise can get harder as we get older, especially when you are dealing with health conditions like arthritis.

Dean says: “If you have any concerns regarding your health status, I strongly recommend consulting your GP before embarking upon a new exercise regime.

“However, there are some general principles that, if followed, will boost energy levels and enhance the ability to carry groceries, stand up from a chair without emitting a loud groan and having the stamina to take the family pooch on a walk around the park.”


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