How do you feel about the expected surge of Omicron in New Zealand?

Last week New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern said the arrival of Omicron was not a matter not of if but when. Days later, it arrived. With the highly contagious variant entering Aotearoa, officials say they expect cases to reach over 1,000 a day in the next two weeks.

More broadly, New Zealand is entering a new stage in the pandemic: needing to reckon for the first time with the prospect of widespread Covid infections across the country, having kept the virus at bay for almost two full years.

We want to hear from Guardian readers in New Zealand about how you’re feeling about this next phase (trepidation, frustration, confidence?) and your reflections on what’s to come. What was your response when the news of the “red” settings was announced? How are you preparing for Omicron, in both practical and psychological ways? What are you worried about? And what are your expectations for the year ahead?

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