How did Poussey Washington die in Orange Is The New Black, what caused the riot and were the inmates be sent to different prisons?

ORANGE Is The New Black is back on Netflix for the highly anticipated sixth series, with the latest season landing in July 2018.

But what happened at the end of season five and how did Poussey die? – here’s a recap…

 Poussey's death sparked a three day riot in Orange Is The New Black


Poussey’s death sparked a three day riot in Orange Is The New Black

When did Poussey die in Orange Is The New Black?

Poussey, played by Samira Wiley, died at the end of series four after being restrained in a peaceful demonstration.

The inmates were staging a sit-in protest in the canteen against Captain Piscatella’s harsh treatment.

But Suzanne, who suffers from mental health problems, started to attack CO Baxter Bayley when additional officers were called for back up.

When Poussey tried to step in to pull Suzanne away, Bayley pinned her to the ground by kneeling on her back, not realising that she couldn’t breathe.

She died of suffocation from compression asphyxia.

When Bayley realised what he had done he quit his job at the prison to work for his dad’s pet grooming business and became depressed.

He turned to alcohol and tried to hand himself in to the police for “murder” but was left to sober up in a cell overnight.

 Dayanara shot CO Humphrey in the leg during the prison riot


Dayanara shot CO Humphrey in the leg during the prison riot

What was the riot about in Orange Is The New Black?

In season five the inmates rioted for three days in an attempt to seek justice for Poussey’s death.

Their demands included better education, food and medical treatment as well as more lenient punishments in prison.

But Taystee’s main objective was to have officer Bayley sent down for killing Poussey.

It all kicked off when CO Humphrey brought a gun into the prison which Dayanara then got hold of and used to shoot him in the leg.

The prisoners then took the rest of the guards hostage and humiliated them by making them strip and locking them in the portaloos.

However all their negotiations fell apart when Maria released the hostages after striking a deal for a reduced sentence.
The riot ended when guards stormed the prison, deciding that they would have to take back Litchfield by force.

Will the Orange Is The New Black inmates get sent to different prisons?

The series ended in a cliffhanger with the women being sent away from Litchfield on separate buses.

Their future is uncertain but it’s likely that they’ll be placed in different prisons following their revolt.

Only Red, Piper, Alex, Nicky, Taystee, Cindy, Suzanne, Blanca, Gloria, and Freida were left behind.

As they stood side by side waiting for the guards to come, a smoke bomb went off – but did anyone get hurt?

Poussey Washington is crushed to death by CO Bayley in Orange Is The New Black


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